Weekly coaching has taken off in a big way!

We are now three weeks in to our weekly coaching and it is going really well. We have a fantastic group of young people, a regular 15 and now have a second car going to Macassar so more joining us which is great. The young people are from Macassar, Lwandle and Sir Lowry’s pass. The young people are age between 11-17.

So far we have taught about good service through short passing, self control through long passes and respect through looking after the ball. All of these are through both soccer and rugby.

The coaches are doing a great job and the young people are getting more and more excited about the coaching each week, which is great. We are looking forward to not only the training on Monday next week but also our fun half day for the holidays. Keep checking the website to find out how it went. There are also photos in the gallery under weekly coaching.