Start of new season


Start of a new season


At the Helderberg Academy we are always looking for opportunities to start new coaching project in our communities. As of 2014 we have now started a new project coaching Netball in Macassar to a group of girls ranging between 11 and 16 years. 


This new programme is an exciting prospect for the Academy as it allows us to have more contact time and influence in the community of Macassar. Now both of our programmes in Macassar, coaching Rugby and Netball, are continuing to show signs of growth and the young people we are coaching are showing strong signs of personal growth and development in their on-field and school performances. 


The Academy aims to increase consistency in numbers attending the coaching session and a continuing trend of increase in the total attendance. We have now put more of our resources into our home visits in Macassar with each of our coaches having at least three young people each who they are focussed in mentoring off the field. 


Macassar is a community which the Helderberg Academy feels strongly called to and we will continue to work hard in increasing our time and energy being inputted into this community. 


For those interested in joining our netball or rugby coaching in Macassar; make sure you check out the calendar, as we have changed our times around.


Netball coaching- Mondays 3:30-5:00pm

Rugby Coaching- Thursdays 3:00-5:00pm



The month of February was an exciting month for the Helderberg Academy as we launched our lastest coaching project in Sir Lowry’s Pass, a small community 6km out of Somerset West. Since the coaching with the Joy Academy in Eerste River was put on hold for 2014 we had the opportunity to start a new project in a different community.


When looking for possible community targets, the Academy was approached by a lady who knew of a project being run in Sir Lowry’s Pass with a group of young boys from the community ranging between 9 and 14 years old. The project is being run by a young man named Jolin who lives alongside the boys in the community. He was looking to develop and reach out to these boys but was finding difficulty in starting a sports coaching programme.


We saw this as a great opportunity for the Academy to reach out and support Jolin so after discussions with him, we have decided to start a new coaching programme in Sir Lowry’s Pass.


Unlike any of other community projects who focus on one sport in particular, we wish to develop a range of sporting opportunities and knowledge about different sports. Therefore, for the first month we will be focussing on soccer coaching, thereafter rugby coaching. We hope this will allow the boys to grow in a range of sports and explore different opportunities and experiences.


Here at the Helderberg Academy we are very excited about the work we will be doing with Sir Lowry’s pass and we are excited to see how the project grows and develops.  The attendance has been amazing with 14 and 17 guys in the first two weeks!


For those interested in the coaching at Sir Lowry’s Pass we will be training on Wednesday afternoons between 3:30 and 5pm.