Spring Games

Spring is here and we have noticed it. Feeling very blessed with beautiful weather and dry, play-able fields makes a huge difference to us. In the school holidays we planned to play a few games with all of our projects.

Helderberg Academy Rugby

On Monday we organised a game between Helderberg Academy Sr. Rugby and Macassar High School for a game of sevens. Some of our guys had never played a rugby game before, so for some it was their first introduction to big guys, quickness and the hits you get. But our guys weren’t intimidated by their size or swagger. We luckily have had some of the Macassar High School boys come and train with us before, so playing against friends always makes it more interesting. 

From the kick-off, Macassar High School showed us that they are well equipted, mature players, showing quick passing and not afraid to take the hit. Helderberg Academy had a slow start, perhaps a little scared to commit to certain situations. Macassar High School took advantage of our mistakes and made sure the scored enough try’s to put us at a big gap. Luckily we managed to score a try just before half time. Our first try!

At half time all our players were convinced that didn’t show their best, their toughness and their tenacity. Full of new steam and fuel, the players stepped onto fields, unimpressed and ready to show their renewed spirit with Dylan Adams upfront. Usually named ‘Lil’ Dyl’, he took the hits like a HUGE man and was relentless to score more try’s. Taking Macassar High School head on, we were able to score two try’s and only allowing 2 of our own in the second half, meaning we tied them in the second half, resulting in a 35-15 defeat.

Despite the loss, we are super proud of our boys, watching them mature as the game went on and handling it in the best way. Without complaining, struggling through pain and injuries and showing love for their opponent, they fought and came out better rugby players than they were before the game started! Amazing effort and much to work on in the next few weeks!

The Helderberg Academy Jr. Rugby players were prepared for a game between eachother. With 12 players, we played a game of sixes. They showed tenacity, determination and coachablity. They played a impecable game in which they made their coaches very proud, showing that they have been listening very well. It’s great to see their spirit and their love for the game.

Helderberg Academy Football

On Wednesday we were fortunate enough to play two games between Joy Academy from Eerste River and our teams from Lwandle. 

We were happy that coach Meshack was able to bring through to Lwandle to play two games between the two sides. To kick-off were the Juniors, 8-a-side and what a great game it turned out to be. Helderberg Academy had the slight advantage of homecourt and size, showing quick in the first half. A great playing team, combining, finding eachother on the field and defending like champions. Quickly the score was 2-0 to Helderberg Academy after two well executed goals. Joy Academy perhaps a little impressed in the beginning, shrugged off their fears and made a great goal to come back in the game and tighten the score to one goal difference.

The second half kicked off and the newly inspired Joy Academy showed they have been training hard and showed they are worthy football players and played great defence and showed they weren’t going down without a fight. Joy Academy started pushing for the goal, leaving Helderberg Academy the opportunity to use the counter attack and not without effect. Helderberg Academy used quick combinations and finding each other in the right places to up the score to 4-1. Just before the end of the game, Joy Academy managed to pull one closer, showing fighting spirit and determination. 4-2 final score leaving both managers satisfied and seeing room for improvement. After the game our local reporter spoke to coach Meshack; ‘I loved that we didn’t give up fighting and looking for the goal. We had several chances, but didn’t manage to get on the end of the ball, leaving Helderberg Academy the deserved winners. Next time, we will be ready.’

After the Juniors game, the Seniors couldn’t be more ready to step onto the field. With a big crowd, the players stepped onto the field, looking forward to a clash of two titans. In a game were the sides were equally matched, there was not much between the two sides. Helderberg Academy started the game with swift combinations, using the pass rather than the individual skills, but not resulting in many chances.

Joy Academy used skilled defending and their great individual skills to work as a well oiled machine creating chances. Taking the opportunity, Joy Academy promptly took the lead with a great executed goal. Helderberg Academy was next to move the pawn and the struck soon before half time. 1-1 leaving nothing between the two sides. 

Joy Academy, having shaken off the first half, came out blazing and went looking for the goal to put them ahead. With a strong playing Tanaka, who is a skilled defender and quick with the feet, they put themselves up. Obas was another, torturing player to the Helderberg Academy defence, with his relentless pursuit of the ball. Joy Academy put themselves up by a comfortable 3 goals to 1 heading towards end time. Beko was there to prevent even more goals, proving himself as a worthy goal keeper. Helderberg Academy had a few more chances, especially dangerous from corner situations, but lacked the luck to put the ball into the back of the net. Joy Academy took the deserved win, splitting the day in a 1-1 between Helderberg Academy vs. Joy Academy.

Coach Beth said; Sports is the real winner today. A beautiful day finished in a draw between the two Academy, showing that there isn’t much between us. Serving the common goal of improving life skills, both sides showed great character and love for eachother and that’s what it’s all about.’