Service Holiday Club

The theme for holiday club this term was Superhero’s to demonstrate ‘Service’. Looking at what true service is and developing how we can use service for others around us. It was great to see the children take part in new sports, meet new children and develop their character. Again, this terms holiday club was for the children who have had the best attendance in all community.

Day 1 was for girls. We had 14 girls from Macassar, 14 from Sir Lowrys Pass and we also had 2 from Bright Lights join us for the first time as we develop partnership with them. In total, day 1 we had 31 girls.

Day 2 was for boys. Where 10 boys came from Lwandle, 2 from Somerset West, 11 from Sir Lowrys Pass, 15 from Macassar and 3 from Bright Lights. In total, day 2 we had 41 boys. This gave a total of 72 children over the 2 days.

The 3 main sports were volleyball, team relay and Tchoukball, where each group had a chance to learn the essentials of the skill and sport and then play a mini-game to earn points for their team. Each ability group had 2 teams which were all named after superhero’s. It allowed each team to have a fun identity for the day such as Superman and Mr Incredible, enhancing the children’s ability to link service to the day.

Along with the 3 sports for this holiday club, we also played lots of different games like monkey ball, head catch, sheep tag and chaos tag. Every child learnt more about service as we spent 20 minutes discussing what service was.  We all decided that service was to lay yourself down for others regardless of who they are or what they may have done. Service is putting others first in every situation. After watching a short video, each ability group went with 2 coaches for a small team talk. Where a discussion was created around service and how the children can implement service into their lives and communities.

Some of the most enjoyable aspects of the day from the children was ‘Helderberg has Talent’, the short movie, tchoukball and monkey ball. Tamika from Macassar said she enjoyed the relay the most because she could count on her friends and that she learnt about service to her friends and family. Anele from Sir Lowrys Pass enjoyed the movie because it told her to care about each other and not yourself, she also really enjoyed the team relay as it got her heart pumping a lot. Garrick explained how he learnt loads of new games, how to play volleyball, pass the baton for team relay and other games like chaos tag. Mitchel from Somerset West enjoyed learning to speak with others to find more about them.

Through the holiday club we have given the children an opportunity of a safe haven for a day, to meet and make friends with children form other communities and to enjoy being children playing new and fun games. Whilst learning about serving one another first.