New year, new opportunities

In March 2013 the Helderberg Academy has welcomed their newest coach, Michael. He has joined forces with Beth in full-time position at the Academy. In January he moved from The Netherlands and has recently found his place at the Helderberg Academy, with his main attributes being basketball and soccer. We welcome him with great enthusiasm!


Our newest project is being set up in the township of Lwandle. Since 2012 the Helderberg Academy started coaching at the primary school, Emyzweni. More recently we’ve found the need to be so great in the community that we have chosen to start up soccer and netball coaching. We have been blessed with the opportunity to use the beautiful looking artificial turf for soccer coaching.

There is also an opportunity for us to use a gym in Nomzamo. We are looking to getting funding for us to be able to start a project within this community.


In March 2013, we started our rugby coaching sessions back up in Macassar. We’ve found many familiar faces but a lot of new faces. We are currently coaching around 15-20 players per week, but continue to see that number grow weekly.


In June 2013, we are welcoming a big team of American students, named the Impact Team. They will be running a holiday club. During that time we are also welcoming Ben, a English student, who will be interning for 2 weeks at the Helderberg Academy. We are excited to be partnering with them during the winter break.