“Empowering others” – trip to lavender hill

Last Saturday we had the privilege of going to Lavender hill, which is known to be one of the worst communities in the southern suburbs of Cape Town for gang violence.  We were showing a local church there how to use sports ministry to encourage and empower young people.  Our team used soccer and rugby to teach about decision making.  The 29 young people that were there loved it!

The leaders were really impressed and through teaching life skills through sport could be key for motivating the young people not to be involved with gangs and instead make a positive different.  Which is great.

“Changing lives through sports”. That’s what we love& what we do. It’s not only our slogan, it’s our passion, motivation, the reason why we get up in the morning. Day by day. In fact, we share week by week not only sports skills with over 100 young people, we also share life skills such as Respect, Team work, Decision making and so on. That’s our lifestyle, attitude, our work.

But why do we do that? The answer is simple; because it makes not only our heart beat faster. We make a difference. We are having an impact. In our community. In the mind of our young people. We want to do our part to change the world. To make our earth a better place. Do you know what? It starts in our local communities! Everyone can make an impact!

How? By giving our best to be role models, to enable young people to identify their strengths, to take responsibility and work together as a team. Not only on the pitch, but also at home, at school and in their communities. When we are able to change the heart and perspective of young people today, we change the future generation of tomorrow.

We love it when others catch our vision and we can teach others to use sport to change lives.