Egyptian Adventures

Last week myself (Beth) and Llewellyn were lucky enough to get invited to go and coach rugby on behalf of the Helderberg Academy in Egypt. Women’s rugby is in the early stages of development there and so we coached life skills through rugby, fitness and kick boxing over a weekend training camp. There were three teams represented from the 4 total in Cairo and the surrounding areas, and they were very grateful to have us there and expose them to a new style of coaching life skills through sport. It was so interesting for us to go and experience a new culture and way of doing things. We were so encouraged by these girls in their 20’s that were not afraid to go against the cultural norm and play contact rugby. They had so much passion for the game and a huge willingness to learn and improve. Whilst we were there we were teaching about decision making and taking responsibility, where we looked at a number of skills like rucking, poping out of contact and making up team strategies. A big thank you to Joy and her sponsors who covered our flight, it was a great experience to be part of the growth of women’s rugby in Egypt.