December Fun

What a year! It’s been busy but we have made it to December with nothing let to do but celebrate all we have done and achieved together.

15319093_1347579518627488_3391540279971701402_nDuring our last week of term we celebrated another amazing year at the Academy by taking groups of our kids from all our communities to the beach for some fun and games. We spent 2 days at the beach, taking our Lwandle soccer boys along with our Sir Lowry’s Pass rubgy boys on Tuesday and our Macassar girls and boys along with our Sir Lowry’s Pass girls on the Wednesday.

This was a great end to the year, with lots of joy and celebration. We played many different games, 15241748_1347579598627480_4767197302663650438_nincluding rugby, soccer and end ball as well at other team games and beach challenges. Great fun was had by all during our Mermaid Competition, where each team had to bury a team member in sand and make them look like a mermaid. We were very impressed with final results and the attention to detail the kids put into their glorious scultures! We also did a scavenger hunt which was not only good fun, but also got the kids clearing rubbish off the beach in their eagerness to collect 5 peices of rubbish as part of the challenge.

15326587_1347579788627461_5954582914844220079_nWe ended each day with a swim in the sea and were very pleased to be able to give out Christmas presents to all the kids through donations we had recieved for them. We are very grateful to all who have donated – balls, clothes, equipment – as this was a very special moment to be able to present these children with Christmas presents and give something back to them to honour their commitment and growth in the Academy.

Though we are closed over Christmas, we are eager and excited to get back into our usual coaching routine next year. And thought we say goodbye and thank you to Coach Daniel at this time, as he moves on to new things, we are excited to announce that we have another intern from England joining us in January.


We appreciate your support as we continue to seek to teach, coach and grow these children and young people.