Community Cup

Community Cup

With the last week of April being a school holiday, the Helderberg Academy had the chance to host two Community Cup days for our players. The aims for these match days where simple; to put our players’ newly learnt sport skills to test in a competitive match and also the bridge the gap between our different communities as players are in a position where they must interact with new people.

Soccer; Lwandle vs Sir Lowry’s Pass

Our boys from Sir Lowry’s Pass are coached in both Soccer and Rugby, this gives us the chance to have matches between our different communities within the Helderberg Academy, rather than bring in an external team. This is great for more consistent meetings and chances to build stronger friendships.  

Final Scores


Lwandle               1-1          Sir Lowry’s Pass


Lwandle               3-0          Sir Lowry’s Pass

Both teams worked hard and played some really good football. In the juniors competition it was close with not much difference between the two teams. Both teams showed great character and discipline, resulting at the end of the match in a score of 1-1. In the seniors competition it was a different story. Lwandle showed great composure on the ball and in front of goal making the most of every chance, It was a great performance from the home team but a strong display from the Sir Lowry’s Pass seniors who showed great perseverance, even when 3-0 down.

Man of the match for the Junior sides went to Lwando for Lwandle and Keenan for SLP both showing great character and leadership qualities. In the seniors game Man of the match for Lwandle went to Mawande for his fantastic goalkeeping performance and for SLP it went to Alrique for never giving up and always being the one to run back and make the last minute tackle.

Match day in Lwandle was a successful day with Lwandle taking the Community Cup first for 2014.

Rugby; Sir Lowry’s Pass vs Macassar

A rugby match against Macassar provided another opportunity for SLP to demonstrate their skills and try to win after the defeat to Lwandle.

Final Scores


Sir Lowry’s Pass                                8-2          Macassar


Sir Lowry’s Pass                                4-4          Macassar


Sir Lowry’s Pass                                0-5          Macassar

Again great effort and determination from both communities, each game regardless of the final score was a close battle with both teams displaying great rugby play.

In the junior competition it was all Sir Lowry’s Pass from start to finish with their strong team spirit and performance. In particular for SLP, Keenan and Crayden both scoring 2 tries showed fantastic talent and attitude.  Kyle Jacobs for Macassar refused to give up personally scoring 2 tries himself.

In the intermediates match it was a tense draw between the two sides with SLP taking an early lead for Macassar to work their way back into the game with some great tries. A man of the match for this game would have to go to Ziyaad for Macassar who scored 3 tries for his team to equal the score.

In the seniors game Macassar showed 2 years of consistent training with the Helderberg Academy and they couldn’t be faulted. Led by captain Donavan Osche they worked as a unit to attack and defend, not leaving any gaps when on the back foot and showing great decision making when on the break.

Match day in Sir Lowry’s Pass was another success with SLP juniors taking the Community Cup for their win and Macassar Seniors taking the cup for their strong victory.