Coaching in Winter

During the last 2 months, the weather hasn’t been our greatest help. It’s winter in South Africa and the fields really get some rainfall. Even though we’ve had to cancel some coaching sessions we have been able to still continue the majority of the coaching sessions. Considering the circumstances, it has forced us to be more adaptable and creative.


In Macassar we have been loving the enthusiasm of the players. Week in, week out, we see the numbers grow and we have about 25 players each week. Because of the growing group, we have been able to split the seniors and juniors from each other, growing in competitiveness and level of ability of rugby. Going through some new drills and life-skills, we see a change in character on and off the field. Having the ability to use the local Macassar Baptist Church for indoor drama and acting skills has given us to opportunity to explore more creative ways of expressing our feelings and thoughts.

Eerste River

In Eerste River we support the local mission of ‘Joy Academy’. In the last few months they have been re-evaluating their mission and mission statement and we have been lucky enough to be part of that process. As of next week, we will be leading and coaching in a new way, with other players and in a little different format. We are excited to see what change will bring.


In the school Emyezweni the rain hasn’t been a factor as it has allowed us to explore different ways of sports indoors. We’ve expiremented with dancing, balancing and learning about keeping focus in small spaces. Emyezweni is great to see the progress the children make through out the year.



In Lwandle we have the priviledge of using a beautiful astro-turf pitch. We have started implementing a new ciriculum which has been a real impovement to our coaching. Our players who come regular have been a great addition to the team, showing persistance, love for the game and for eachother. The rainy days have been nice for us to do home-visits and meet the parents of the children, getting a better idea of the home situation and getting more involved with their lives off the pitch.