The Community Cup


Last week the young people from Macassar. Sir Lowry’s Pass and Lwandle competed in the Community Cup. This event draws many young people together from different backgrounds to share in a sporting event, where fair play and good sportsmanship form the foundation of a great competition.

The week began with Macassar girls taking on a local school team. Unfortunately they lost, but learnt a great deal from the experience and now have some ideas of things to focus on in the coming months. 
On Tuesday Sir Lowry’s Pass came to the excellent facility at Lwandle to play Soccer. Both games were very close, the Seniors game was a draw (2-2) and the Sir Lowry’s Pass Juniors won 1-0. Sir Lowry’s Pass took the trophy home and prepared themselves for rugby on the Thursday.
Macassar came to the rugby pitch amongst the mountains at Sir Lowry’s Pass hoping to win the Community Cup. Both games were played at a high intensity on a pretty damp pitch. The Seniors game was definitely one of two halves, with Macassar winning the first half three tries to one. However, the tables turned in the second half and Sir Lowry’s Pass scored three tries to one Macassar try – resulting in a draw. The Juniors of Sir Lowry’s Pass managed to beat Macassar seven tries to five, meaning Sir Lowry’s Pass won both the rugby and soccer competitions.
All the girls and boys played very well and will look forward to the next Community Cup.