Part of the work we do at The Academy is running sports programs in local schools. This is a fantastic networking opportunity but also helps us to fund more of the work we do in the townships.

We currently run sports programs at 2 local schools: Bizweni School and Hope and Light School.

We have been coaching a wide variety of sports at Bizweni, coaching the grade Rs, 1s and 2s. Whilst at Hope and Light, we consistently coach Netball and Soccer on a weekly basis to the boys and girls aged 11-13 years. Our netball girls have matches every other week with training sessions in-between. This has meant we have been able to network further with other schools, organising matches across different schools.

Last week our Hope and Light girls played Beaumont school netball team, with more matches coming up against Rustoff and future vision to network further with other schools.

It has been a great opportunity for us to be a part of coaching at these schools, and the networking we are able to do through this with more schools, will also help us benefit our Academy children, opening doors for more matches between our Academy girls and boys and the local schools.

We were also recently contacted by an organisation called Bright Lights. A youth and children’s care centre for street/high risk children in the Helderberg area. Bright Lights have since started bringing a group of girls and boys to our Macassar training sessions. This week was match week and it was great to have the Bright Lights youth included. They have loved getting involved at the Academy and we have recieved really positive feedback from the staff at the centre, who have told us of some of the benefits they are seeing in their kids already, since they started at the Academy.

It is such a pleasure to be able to reach so many children and young people who need help and to have organisations approaching us, eager to get involved as they see all that the Academy is doing and achieving. We are grateful to all those organisations we have partnered with and continue to partner with and we hope to see much fruit from all these new networking ventures.

Thank you again for your support.