New Faces

We apologise for the lack of posts for the past few months, this is due to a problem we were having with the website, but which is now resolved.

We started a new year at the Academy with many new faces. We said goodbye to Coach Ben and Coach Songo at the end of last year. Coach Ben moving back to the UK after finishing his year internship with the Academy, and Coach Songo moving on to university at Stellenbosch. We are grateful for how these coaches served us and the children and young people at the Academy in 2017.

This year we welcome Coach Abo onto the office and coaching staff team. Abo has taken up the open part time position at the Academy, serving us in the office doing admin and on the field, doing both community coaching and taking a lead in the schools coaching. Abo has already bought lots of enthusiasm and experience to the team as well as a determination and commitment to see the children and young people at the Academy reach their full potential.

Left to right: Nik, JC, Abo, Beth & Bethany

We have also been incredibly lucky to have an abundance of volunteers coming to the Academy this year. JC is a local who has started assisting us in our on the field coaching in Macassar, Sir Lowry’s pass and Lwandle and has shown good committement and willingness.

Our ongoing partnership with His Ark in Sir Lowry’s Pass has meant that again this year we are provided with multiple coaches to help us run our sessions there. This year we have Clara and Rahel from Germany, helping us since last September, as well as some short term volunteers, also from Germany – Tanya, who is with us for 3 months, and Nik, who is with us for 6 months. Tanya is joining our community coaching in Sir Lowry’s Pass, but Nik is taking a more substantial role at the Academy, helping with both the community coaching in SLP and the school coaching with Abo on a Monday and Tuesday morning.

Left to right: Rahel, Tanya, Clara, Nik & Jolin


And finally, this month we have welcome David to the team, who will be full time with us at the Academy for the next 6 months. David is also from Germany and is passionate about sports and about seeing people grow and reach their potential. David loves trying new things, especially extreme sports and exploring new places. David will be serving all aspects of the Academy, admin, coaching, holiday clubs, home visits and everything inbetween.

We look forward to seeing what all these coaches will bring to the team and to the coaching we provide, as well as being able to watch them learn and grow as they serve these communities.