New Coach at the Academy

In September we welcomed a new coach to the Team at Helderberg Academy, all the way from England. Bethany is 24, from Surrey in the South of England, where she has played football/soccer since she was 10 and where she studied a National Diploma in Sport, covering many aspects of sport and coaching. Bethany is passionate about sports and has worked as a Youth Leader for 8 years, as well as doing a small amount of coaching at Primary school level. Bethany has joined us at the Academy as a Volunteer Intern to serve the community through coaching with us and assisting with Administration in the office.

Over the last 4 years we have had a number of Volunteer Interns from many different countries, serving the Academy in many different ways. Some have volunteered for a month or two while others have served for 2 years. Volunteer Interns are a very important part in the running of the Academy and we are incredibly grateful to Bethany for giving up a year to serve us, the young people and the community.

If you are interested in an Internship at the Academy, please contact Beth at: