Meet Brintley


Brintley won the monthly prize for showing responsibility in his community of Macassar last month. Brintley has been committed to attending a homework club to help him with his studies, particularly Maths. He has shown the greatest responsibility of all his peers in his committment to this and has also demonstrated excellent committment when playing rugby.

Last week, Brintley was interviewed and below are his responses:

Q. How has the Helderberg Academy helped you? I have been coming to the academy for the last two years and it has helped me to not get involved in crime and taking drugs, which are big problems in my community. My confidence has increased and I am better at taking responsibility and serving others in my community.

Q. What do you enjoy most about the Helderberg Academy? The mentoring sessions are my favourite part of the academy because I find them very helpful. I am glad that the academy helps me to stay away from bad things and I enjoy the rugby.

Q. What are your ambitions? To be a Police Officer, particularly investigating crime.

Q. Who is your favourite rugby player? Francois Hougaard