Matches on the beach

Yesterday we had a great time at strand beach as we played four matches against a team from Stellenbosch. Before the game there was great excitement from the Helderberg Academy players. Also a good turn out as 17 young people came from a mixture of Lwandle, Macassar and Sir Lowrys Pass, aged between 9-16 years old. We put three mixed ability teams together and played 5 aside soccer against Solid Rock from Stellenbosch. We lost three matches but won one. But the score didn’t get our young people down, there were smiles and screaming support the whole time.

   Dylon W, Dyllan A and Lvandre did a great job at captaining their teams. All of our team played really well and improved substantially from beginning to the end. Working better and better as a team as the time went on. The young people loved being on the beach and for many of them it was the highlight of their holidays. The opposition also enjoyed the morning and would like to play against Helderberg academy again. It was a great day enjoyed by all and left us with lots of skills to work on in training. A big thank you to Jesse for helping coach and from the guys at Solid Rock for coming across to play us. Please see the gallery for pitchers.