July Holidays

July Holidays

Holidays have come, holidays have gone. What an absolute feast it has been! With three different events, we really tried to keep the players entertained and excited for the holidays. The weather was rather kind to us, without too much rain.

Impact Group

A group of 30 American students, named the Impact Group, visited South Africa during the holidays with the mission to  organise holiday clubs for different organisations/teams. We were so lucky to be one of them. On three different days, they organised a spectacular day for our players and coaching. From basketball and soccer, to indoor games teaching them about leadership, planning and encouragement. We were very blessed to be able to host this team and our players still talk about how much fun it was.


Impact Camp

The same team of American students organised a holiday club in Jonkershoek, Stellenbosch. In a beautiful forest, with a great locating, included a private little soccer pitch, they hosted around 40 kids for two weeks. We were lucky to be able to send 8 of our players to the camp. They came back happier than we’ve ever seen them. They spent time connecting with other children from different parts of the Helderberg Basin, relating to different cultures, ethnicity while having the best of fun. On the drive home, a few couldn’t help it, but to fall asleep being so exhausted from the amount of fun they had.

Wild Holiday Club

After 3 weeks of the Impact Team taking care of us and our players, it was time for us to get coaching and get involved with our own 2-day Wild Holiday Club. After splitting the players in teams and coming up with personal team names, to the likes of Cheetahs, Black Tigers, Cobra’s and Springboks, we tested the players on their capability to work together, communicate, understanding the assigments and showing good spirits. During games like blanket volleyball, musical cones, flour tag and not to forget basketball and cricket, they showed spirit, tenacity and determination to take home the crown of best team. What a absolute feast it was seeing players making an effort in sports that they generally don’t play. 

Now everyone is back to school and we are back to regular coaching. But not without looking back at a fantastic holiday, worthy of Helderberg Academy! We ready for the second half of the year. Here we go!