Easter Holiday Club: 2018

It is one of the most impressive, beautiful and heart touching scenes; young people are smiling, laughing and you can see the joy of their hearts reflected in their eyes. These moments are incredible precious, they are mind changing; not only for the kids, but also for us.

That’s the reason why we were enthusiastic to have the privilege to run another of our Holiday Club programs. Two days packed with non-stop activities.  We had 77 young people, all from different areas, having a great time of fellowship.

Not only connected by being at the same place, at the same time and spoken words; but rather by laughter, smiling faces and joyful hearts. It was a time of blessing for all of us.

We ran 3 different sports session, Tennis, Athletics and Dance on day one, and Tennis, Athletics and Hockey on day two. During our feedback, it was great to hear how many of the kids had never tried these sports before and really enjoyed trying something new and exploring new talents and skills. Dance was a huge hit on day one, with all the girls loving an opportunity to learn some moves and even choreograph their own dance.

The boys enjoyed a fitness challenge that one of our coaches came up with to increase the chall

enge during their Athletics lesson, and there was a

lot of positive feedback about the Hockey session, lots of the children and young people enjoying the competitiveness of the Extreme Hockey game at the end.
Day two also saw visitors from England who had donated money which funded all this terms holiday club. They were eager to see what their money was aiding and were amazed by the work we are doing and encouraged whilst talking to Beth to understand the heart behind what we do at The Helderberg Academy.

Each session could earn your team an egg, with the aim to collect as many as possible before the egg hunt that proceeded lunch. After lunch, we let the kids loose to find the rest of their eggs, before an interactive story. Each egg contained a puzzle piece, w

hich each team then had to try and complete. More points were given out to the winners, and then the Easter story was explained.

Each child went home with an Easter Egg and the winners took home prize t-shirts. And our many helpers and volunteers were treated to a well-deserved milkshake after all was finished and packed away.

Thank you so much to all our volunteers and sponsors who made this holiday club possible.

You cannot buy joy, but you can create an atmosphere of precious moments.

By your support we had the opportunity to do that.

Every smile and joyful heart is worth all the work and preparation.

Those moments are like diamonds, filling the treasure of life.

 Not only for the kids but also for us; the Helderberg Team.