Dyllan’s Story

My name is Dyllan, I’m from Macassar. I used to abuse alcohol and drugs and my life was going nowhere. In 2012 I met Beth from the U.K who runs the Helderberg Academy. She invited me and a few friends to join the Academy while we were still living in a bad way. I was part of the Academy for 3-4 years, and while I was there I learned not just how to play rugby but also lots of character skills to help me in my personal life. Then I became too old to be part of the Academy and that was the sad part, as the Academy actually lead me to the decision to change my life. Then one day Beth asked me if I wanted to help out at the Academy as a volunteer. I said yes and so I worked as a volunteer for a while, then she offered me a three month contract just to see how it goes. Shortly after those 3 months I signed another contract and now am part of the Helderberg Academy Team as office staff and as a Coach teaching life skills. I owe so much to The Helderberg Academy for all they have done for me, from when I was a young guy, to the strong man I am today. I am so grateful to the Academy, Beth and the team for all they have done for me and all they have invested in me.