Community Presence

The heart of The Helderberg Academy is to see young people grown and developed physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually to become instigators of change in their communities. It is great to get feedback from community members about the value and impact the Academy is having in the communities, and it has been great this week to have received multiple references from a wide variety of people, with their personal feedback about the Academy and the work it is doing. Below are some testimonies from local community members.

Dyllan Adams – 21 years from Macassar

I used to abuse alcohol and drugs and my life was going nowhere but then in 2012 I joined the Helderberg Academy. I was part of the Academy for 3-4 years, and while I was there I learned not just how to play rugby but the Academy lead me to the decision to change my life. I stepped away from the gang and ended up doing a year internship, working for the Helderberg Academy, teaching the same life skills that made such a difference in my life, to the next generation of children coming through the Academy.

Leoni Kirchner – Principle at Bizweni Primary School

“The Helderberg Academy has worked with our Foundation Phase learners for the past 2 years. Apart from the sport skills they are teaching our learners, they are also imparting life skills that are invaluable. Their professionalism and friendly staff make it a pleasure to work with them. I can definitely recommend The Helderberg Academy as a service provider.”

Veronica Jacobs -Parent of child from Macassar

Kids at the Academy: Jade age 10 and Veronique age 13.
Are you pleased with the work that the Helderberg Academy is doing? Yes, very pleased.
How has it made a difference in the lives of your kids? They listen more. I don’t have to tell them to do things, they just get on with things and ask what they can do to help.
How has it made a difference in your community? Monday and Thursday the kids are off the streets. They know what time to be at the field and they have something positive to do. Otherwise they would be on the streets, looking for something wrong to do.


It is great to receive such incredible feedback from those who are able to see and benefit from the work that the coaching team are providing in these local communities. We are very grateful for the support from community members and to know that they can see the positive impact that the Academy is having on the lives of the youth and the community.