Circuit Holiday Club

This April, we celebrate the fact that there are days like holidays! Our desire and aim of Helderberg Academy is to bring ethnic groups together. We had great exciting day with combining all three communities together in Somerset-West. Over 60 children came, participated, won and learnt how to stay connect to each other and to be plugged into a community with people from different background, but that doesn’t make a difference. Some reactions from some of the participants:

— Lwando (9) Lwandle

‘I had fun at circuit holiday club and enjoyed the food, dodge ball was my favourite game.  I learnt to play dodge ball for the first time.’ 

— Lee Andre (15) Macassar

‘I learnt to meet people from different places’ ‘I had fun and enjoyed all the activities.’ 

— Ashlynne Mullins (12) Macassar

‘I thought the circuit club was great, I enjoyed all the activities, speed ball was my favourite.  I learnt to treat others how I want to be treated.’ 

— Abo (15) Eerste River

‘I enjoyed meeting new people at the circuit holiday club.  I had fun and learnt to try and relate with people that I don’t know.’

 — Asenathi (13) Lwandle 

‘I enjoyed playing games and dodge ball was my favourite, I met Ashlynne from Macassar and her favourite food is the same as mine: pizza .  I learnt to help each other and when we work together the job is easier.’


 It was a fantastic day, learning new skills, new sports, new people and new life skills. We introduced dodgeball, speedball and handball and enjoy a nice lunch. Helderberg Academy is continueing to dream bigger and we want to see our communities changed by being postive role models and increasing our influences in young people life’s by supporting them through some of life’s toughest moments. We love what we do and holiday club are great opportunities to make our dream come true. We celebrate diversity and we encourage building relationships and we love seeing our young people flourish.